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HRExpertiseBP takes special care to understand the unique needs of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. 

Debra Englund is an integral part of the success of HRExpertiseBP.  Below are testimonials from people who know her well:
"I worked with Deb for in two different consulting situations and have maintained contact and held in-depth strategic discussions with her over a decade. While she possesses a healthy basket full of HR, operational, and executive level competencies, there are three things that stand out about Deb: 

1. Full comprehension of the integrative value of HR in organizations 
2. Business Operational and Business Process knowledge, backed by the skill to make things happen and the experience of actually getting things done 
3. A really nifty balance between strategic and detail orientations 

Deb knows how to work with people, a commodity that otherwise seems to be diminishing in the work place. She has a complete grasp of HR subsets, such as compensation and OD, and has successfully developed and implemented such plans across large and small organizations. Deb is well worth serious consideration on any initiative."  John Babbs, was a Senior Consultant at Results Unlimited Inc.

Debra joined Musicland as the organization became significantly more complex, adding several new divisions in different retail venues, expanding internationally and adding infrastructure to support the growth. Debra developed compensation, benefits, incentive and expatriate programs for Musicland's international expansion from the ground up, and led the development of employment policies for international employees. Debra demonstrated exceptional leadership in guiding Musicland in the design of executive compensation plans as well as incentive compensation programs across the organization. Debra also was very supportive of hiring managers in their efforts to attract and retain talent to meet the needs of a growing organization. Debra possesses a very strong HR technical knowledge while at the same time was flexible and attentive to the needs of the leadership team, which made her a valued partner to the finance team as well as throughout the organization.  Jeanne Phillips,  past Controller at The Musicland Group
"Debra is one of the more creative and resourceful people I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. She approaches problem solving in a seemingly extracurricular/fun filled style that excites others around her to participate in turning bad times into a working solution. I learned so much in the time we shared. An organization with Debra at the helm is blessed."   George Watson, past CEO at Results Unlimited Inc.